Important notice

Be aware of scammers!

Dear valued customers,

It has come to our attention that unauthorized individuals are offering / attempting to sell source code (MQL4) or "unlocked versions" of our products on multiple platforms, e.g Telegram.

We would like to emphasize that the source code of any of our products has not been shared with any third parties.

Please be cautious of scams:

  • Verified Channels Only: We only distribute the BenderFX EAs through our official store and verified Telegram channel directly connected to our website. Any other sources and individuals claiming to offer any BenderFX EA source code are unauthorized and are therefore just fake products showing strings copied from the EAs' interfaces.

  • Protect Yourself: Avoid purchasing from untrusted or unofficial platforms to protect yourself from potential scams and unauthorized use of our Expert Advisors.

  • Security Measures: Rest assured that the compiled products of our BenderFX EAs are in EX4 format, making it virtually impenetrable. The EX4 format ensures that the integrity and security of our intellectual property remain intact. Our products are further safeguarded through code obfuscation, enhancing their resistance against decompiling attempts

For more information on the security features of our compiled EX4 product, please refer to the official documentation, where it's explicitly stated the measures in place to protect against unauthorized access and distribution.

At BenderFX, we are committed to the security and satisfaction of our customers. We take the protection of our intellectual property seriously, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us combat unauthorized distribution.

Thank you for your continued trust in BenderFX. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team by sending a mail to:

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Suited best for traders who are just starting out in the forex market.
It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use, making it a great choice for beginners
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Its advanced algorithms and customizable settings make it a great choice for traders who want to take their trading to the next level
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Shizuka EA

Ideal for busy traders who prefer a hands-off approach to trading, allowing them to set their own parameters and let the robot do the rest.
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Big Poppa

Designed for traders who prefer to use scalping strategies, allowing them to analyze the market quickly and make fast trades, making it a great choice for short-term market movements.
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Suited best for traders who prefer a more conservative approach, with its risk management features helping to minimize losses and maximize profits.
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Suited best for mid to advanced traders who prefer a traditional approach but with highly customizable settings, with its advanced risk management features helping to minimize losses and maximize profits.
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