EA information

  • Licenses sold: More than 700
  • Release date: 2020
  • Strategy: Triple MA + Price action + Money management
  • Volatility: Low
  • Martingale: Yes
  • Minimum Balance: 500 USD
  • Monthly return: 30%-50%, can be more!
  • Timeframe: 1 hour and 15 Min
  • Max Drawdown: 15%-20%
  • Number of sets: More than 10
  • Works well with: BigPoppa
  • Price: $79 USD
  • Available in our - including combos - Online Store


Shizuka analysis is triggered at the beginning of each candle and determines if a Long or Short trade should be opened based on the combination of the following strategies

  • Triple MA: known and effective strategy that mixed up with good money management features that we have introduced makes it almost invencible. It consists it a 3 MA crossover So what makes it different? We are using 4 different types of MA (SMMA, HMA, WMA and EMA)
  • Price Action: We do not fully rely on the crossover, we also validate that this crossover has more that 75 of winning chances
  • Strong focus on Money Management: Excellent features that help you in an automatic way to secure your profit without putting in risk your capital Some of them are Trailing Stop, Hedging Limit number of trades and, Equity Stop
  • Set files: Each of the set files from our products were obtained using a genetic algorithm techniques, which optimized the parameters to maximize profit factors while keeping a low drawdown

What you need to know about Shizuka

User guide

Shizuka FAQs and more

These are the most asked questions and information that we believe is relevant to have before purchasing our products.

We hope you find this information useful and help you to become one of the hundreds of Shizuka users.

PS: Further guidance on parameters, along with set files, are delivered to you after your purchase along with the product.

When does Shizuka operates?

Shizuka triggers the trading process at the beginning of each candle on which the EA is operating on. For example, if you load Shizuka in a 1H chart, it will be triggered every 1 hour.
And you will most likely see that the trades are opened at the beginning of a new candle.

How many set files are included? And for which pairs?

We provide a total of 11 set files, for 15min and 1H charts. Some of them are: USDCAD, EURUSD, XAUUSD, USDJPY. These are set files obtained using optimizing algorithms.
Shizuka is also designed to be backtested by you in an efficient way to obtain accurate configurations, we do include more than one set file for each pair, you can go ahead and use more than one.

What's the minimum balance recommended?

Our recommendation is to have at least 500 USD per each pair. This means that if you want to use Shizuka on 2 pairs, you would need at least 1000 USD

Is Cent account supported?

Yes, it is. On this case, we recommend to have at least 100 USD per pair approx

What happens when news are out?

Shizuka doesn't have a News filter, therefore we encourage to pause the EA a few minutes before the High Impact News and turn it on back again once the volatility is over.

Shizuka, Martingale and Risk management, what's up with this?

Shizuka uses martingale to bet on winning the market. We all know the risks about using Martingale. Shizuka has features and set files to reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of blowing up the account.

For example, limit the number of trades opened, close trades after a given amount of time and ultimately using Hedging, meaning that if the maximum number of trades is reached, the next one will be a hedge.

Therefore, Shizuka is a powerful EA that can bring a lot of profit in a short amount of time while also protecting your account with a hedge position in case the market goes to the opposite way.

We provide a guide but ultimately you know better the amount of risk that you are willing to handle.

All in all, the EA has multiple features that can be tailored to your risk tolerance. Play, change, backtest and find the best ones that fit your trading style.

What EAs work best with Shizuka?

Since Shizuka is mostly based 3MA strategy (trying to take advantage of the trend reversal), we would recommend using any other EA that implements martingale (AggressiveFibov2, BigPoppa, Benderv2) securing profits along with Shizuka.

Also non-martingale (Benderv4 or HannahEA) are good options, these EAs will bring more stability and reduce the volatility of the account, when Shizuka might be struggling, these EAs will bring slow, but constant, profits to the account, not affecting the Margin / DD in case that's present.

Diversifying is the key. These EAs use different strategies, reducing the risk from Shizuka. we also recommend to use different timeframes.

I don't know what the other parameters mean

We provide a detailed guide on what's each parameter about and how they are used by Shizuka to determine the best entry point, this guide is delivered along with your purchase.

Can I use your Expert Advisors (EAs) with other advisors on same account?

Yes, you can use them. All of our Expert Advisors (EAs) are completely compatible with other advisors.

I would like to compare this EA with the rest, is there a table?

Yes! We have created a specific section where you can compare our products (Click here)

Is there a cracked / unlocked version available?

No. We are constantly hearing rumours, and reading websites that alledgelly are distributing our products for a small amount of money / "free".

There are a lot of impostors around attempting to sell a fake copy of our products by just copying the list of parameters and text shown on the chart.

Let us tell you this is a fake version, and the logic behind does definitely not align at all to what we have developed

We do not have anything to do with that release, and we encourage you to not use them.

We suggest you to read our official communication

Do I need a VPS?

If you want your EA to run 24/7, we encourage to deploy it in a VPS and leave it running. However, we do not provide VPS service.